TISI ID Manufacturer Model Description Wafer Size Category Q.ty Sales
Lead Time
11519 Novellus C2 Altus 02-033134-01 Assy, PED, 200mm MOER, D.3, SEMI 200mm New 2nd source parts New 6 weeks
11518 AMAT Centura and Producer (CVD) Labor Service (Deinstallation, relocation, Start up, Retrofits and Refurbishment) 300mm Immediately Immediately
11517 AMAT Centura and Producer (CVD) Centura and Producer Refurbishment 150mm/200mm 45 days after PO 45 days after PO
11516 AMAT Producer SE Process Conversion 150mm/200mm 30 days after PO 30 days after PO
11515 AMAT Centura HDPCVD Ultima Plus Retrofit including ENI generator 200mm/150mm 30 days after PO 30 days after PO
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